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School Closure and Weather 


School Closure

School closure may result when there are severe weather conditions. A detailed message will be left on the Daycare answering machine by the Supervisor should this be necessary. Please also listen to your local radio station or TV weather station for announcements.


Snow Closure Policy

The Supervisor of the Centre will be the one that makes the decision to close the Centre due to inclement weather. The decision will be based on the weather forecast and advisories.


If the Centre is open and the weather throughout the day becomes inclement, we will notify all parents that the Centre is closing. Parents will be asked to pick up their child as soon as possible, and to give an estimated time of arrival. You will be given sufficient time to pick up your child and traveling time will also be considered. In the event that we are unable to notify a parent, we will then contact the emergency contacts, designated at the time of enrollment.


Inclement Weather

It is the policy of The School House Academy Daycare that each Supervisor will keep informed on all or any inclement weather conditions that may prohibit the children from outdoor play.  This information will be used to determine whether staff will be notified that children will not be involved in outdoor activity for the day.  The staff will follow The School House Academy Daycare procedures for “Inclement Weather”.


Inclement weather includes:

  • Sun safety (Feels like 32 C)

  • Smog alert 

  • Excessive cold (Feels like -12 C)

  • Excessive wind

  • Storm, rain, snow, hail


Heat and Smog Alert Policy

This policy was created in an effort to provide staff members with a guideline to ensure a safe, healthy and meaningful outdoor playtime for children during the summer season. High heat and smog can be dangerous to health. Exposure to extreme heat, humidity and smog can be hazardous or even life threatening to children.


Sunburns, feeling unwell, headache, nausea, and dizziness are signs and symptoms of hazardous hot weather conditions. If children exercise outdoors during a heat or smog alert, their body temperature gets very high and their body has to work extra hard to keep cool. Preventive measures and recommended actions:


  • Listen to the weather forecast.

  • The Supervisor will be familiar with current weather conditions. 

  • After checking current weather conditions (actual temperature, humidity, UV index and air quality), all programs will be advised about the decision.

  • Modify outdoor Time. Activities should be planned in a shaded area whenever possible.

  • If temperatures are in the mid-30s, Air Quality Index (AQI) is over 40 and the Humidex is high, the children’s outdoor time will be cancelled and indoor play will be required.


Teachers in charge will consider more than one factor when making a decision about the length of time children spend outdoors. Humidex is used to describe how hot humid weather feels to the average person. A combination of heat and humidity reflects the perceived temperature. If the Humidex reading is in the mid-30s certain types of outdoor exercise should be toned down and reduced to 15 – 20 minutes maximum.


Degrees of Discomfort

  • Temperature of 29C with Humidex feels like 32℃.

  • Less than 29℃: no discomfort

  • 30C - 39℃: some discomfort

  • 40C - 45℃: great discomfort, avoid exertion

  • Above 45℃: dangerous

  • Above 54℃: heat stroke

  • UV Index from 0-3-9 is Low

  • 4.0 – 6.9 moderate (take precautions)

  • 7.0 – 8.9 high (burns and skin damage can be occurring quickly in 20 minutes) and extreme in 15 minutes.


Smog Alert

Smog typically forms between May to the end of September but it is possible to have winter episodes of smog. Afternoons and early evenings are the peak times for smog formation during the day. Good Air Quality Index (AQI) from 0 to 31


If the AQI value is below 32 – the air quality is good and there are no known health effects for the population. No restriction to the children’s outdoor play as long as temperature and humidity are within normal range. Moderate Air Quality Index = from 32 to 49. 


If AQI is between 32 & 49 there may be some effects for children. Outdoor time should be limited to ½ hour depending on the children’s comfort level. If the child has respiratory problems use more precautions. Poor Air Quality Index = reading may be over 50 If the AQI is in the 50 – 99 range – will affect the children. If a smog warning has been issued and current AQI is over 50 the outdoor

time will be cancelled.

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