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Program Development Statement


The School House Daycare is a, “play-based” learning Centre. We believe that children learn through play. With curriculum planned to promote the interest of each individual child. We encourage learning in a range of diverse domains and milestones of a child’s early development, such as:


  • Physical Education

  • Cognition

  • Language

  • Phonological Awareness 

  • Communication

  • Social

  • Emotional

  • Literacy 

  • Music

  • Science

  • Math 

  • Dramatic Play

  • Art


At The School House Daycare Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting activities throughout the day based on their interests and capabilities. We focus on observation to form anecdotal observations and to apply them into our Early Learning for Every Child Today milestones. (ELECT)


The School House Daycare also have strong values on respecting one another, mannerism, and self-control. Children will be guided to use kindness and patience with their peers. We value the importance of utilizing Ontario Curriculum as a tool in implementing and creating curriculum daily. 


Each day is an exciting adventure at The School House Daycare and we provide children with the ability to explore. 


Types of Programs:

  • Infant

  • Toddler

  • Preschool

  • School Age (Before and After School)

The School House Daycare offers convenience and affordability with the most exceptional care. We offer:

  • Summer Programs

  • March Break Programs

  • Holiday Programs

  • P.A Day Program 

  • Physical Education Programs (Music and Movement) 


The School House Daycare is also open from 6:00am to 6:00pm year round. Parents wishing to enroll their child in The Summer Program, March Break Program, Christmas break and P.A Days, must register in advance or ASAP as spots fill quickly. The availability of space will be the determining factor. 

We offer bussing to the following School's:

Central Location:                                                                             South Location:
Ford City                                                                                                 Bellwood

St. Anne French Immersion 
Herman Academy (Jk/Sk only)


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