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Daily Routine

Each day your child attends our Centre they will receive:

  • A minimum of two hours of outdoor activities (weather permitting). We often have "outdoor classrooms" during warmer weather. 

  • Activities for developing gross motor and fine motor skills.

  • Activities focused on socializing with peers through various activities

  • Two nutritious snacks (our morning snack is served at 9:15am and  our afternoon snack is served at 2:30pm)

  • Nutritional lunch (served daily at 11:30am)

  • Curriculum that is child focused

  • Weekly Music & Movement classes with Mr. Aidan

  • Our monthly curriculum is posted each month on our "Parent Information" bulletin board, which can be located in our lobby area.



*Please note that morning snack does not replace breakfast. 

If your child is picked up at a later time, please be sure to bring in an evening snack (in a labelled container) that their homeroom teacher can serve before pick up. Our kitchen closes at 3:30pm daily. 

Please note that our facility is NUT FREE.



Rest Time:

Any child under the age of four that is with us for the day is required to rest by the CCEYA guidelines. Depending on the age of the child, they are expected to rest quietly or engage in quiet activities so that children that need to sleep are able to. All children are provided with a designated cot. We ask all parents to supply a favorite blanket, pillow (if necessary) and a favorite rest time item (eg. small stuffy-please limit to one). Parents are asked to bring items home at the end of the week to wash and replenish for the following week. 


Rest time is no longer than two hours per day. All children under the age of four are required by the Child Care Early Years Act to rest on their cot for one hour per day, engage in a quiet activity for 1 hour if unable to sleep. Infants are an exception to the above rule, and staff will follow the routine as closely as possible as outlined by the parents of the child.

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