Our Infant program consists of a warm, nurturing and inclusive environment. We believe that a each child is unique and learn in completely different ways. We like to encourage this and incorporate this philosophy when we are planning out our daily schedule. We believe that consistency is key in a child's development and we like to foster this by implementing a daily routine. Our daily routine creates structure in your child's early learning development. Our daily routine consists of activities your child will be participating in at the same time daily. For instance, we have morning, lunch and afternoon snack served at the same time daily. Our indoor and outdoor activities and rest time are incorporated into this routine as well. This gives children a sense of comfort, knowing the flow of things and thus, creates a stable environment. We do this in each room so that when they graduate to a new classroom, they will be confident and adapt to new surroundings because they have a sense of familiarity, knowing the routine is the same. 

We believe that each child has their own interests, explores and learns in different ways and we encourage and incorporate this philosophy when it comes to our learning environment. For instance, if we notice your child playing with snow and they are excited and engaging in this activity, the teacher will then incorporate snow into a large group activity.